WOBL - We Only Buy Local


Is WOBL Free?

WOBL is free for public use. You can create a free account to save and review ads/businesses. We also recommend subscribing to our newsletter to get the latest offers!

Is WOBL free for businesses?

Manitoba-based businesses have the opportunity to advertise on WOBL for a small monthly fee. Please see our packages here

Can I buy services or products on WOBL?

WOBL does not sell services or products directly from our website. Instead, it’s a space dedicated for Manitoba-based businesses to offer their offers/promotions. We want you to create a connection with the business itself.

How can I redeem a WOBL offer?

Each ad will outline how to redeem an offer. Typically the product/service will have a coupon code you can either use online or in-person.

How can I advertise my business on WOBL?

Signing up is easy! If your business fulfils the requirements your account will be approved within 48 hours. Please purchase a membership here

What are the requirements to advertise on WOBL?

Your business must be Manitoba grown. Meaning founded and currently operating in Manitoba. Your account may be declined if there is an insufficient amount of information on your business or if your online reputation is inadequate. A WOBL rep will reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss possible options and/or to make recommendations on your online reputation.

Can a franchise advertise on WOBL?

As long as they’re Manitoba grown, yes. Any American or out of province franchise accounts will not be approved.

Are there requirements for posting an ad?

All ads must include a discount or promotional offer (e.g. 20% off, buy two for the price of one, Wednesday special, and/or etc.). A photo is optional. This can be your logo, a promotional flyer, an image of a product, or etc. You will also need a “coupon” code to reference your ad/offer to. All offers must relate to your business and be of a legal professional service/product. Please note charities/non-profits and realtors are exempt from including a discount on their listings.

How long are ads active?

All ads expire after 30 days from the post date. They are archived and can be reposted from your member dashboard. You can delete or adjust your ad at any time. There is no limit on how many different ads you post within 1 month, but you are limited to the number of active ads that your monthly package offers.

What payment methods do you accept?

You need a valid credit card to advertise on WOBL. At this time we do not accept any other payment methods.

How can I collaborate with WOBL?

We love collaborating and/or creating partnerships with local businesses and people.

Send your idea or inquiry to [email protected] A rep will get back to you right away.

How can I work with WOBL?

If you’re interested in our sales affiliate program, send your inquiry to [email protected] A rep will get back to you with our detailed program outline and answer any questions you have

Is WOBL a local business?

Yes we are! WOBL is created and run by Manitobans. The website, logo, branding, marketing, and etc., is all completed by local businesses

How is WOBL different from other online directories/ advertising spaces?

Manitoba grown businesses are only featured on WOBL. You will never find an American franchise or out of province business on WOBL (as much as we love them!). Also, any type of business can advertise on WOBL. Whether you’re product or service based, a freelancer or a corporation. We don’t take a commission of your sales or try to disrupt your brand. We just want a space for the public to easily access all things in Manitoba.

I'm a realtor, is WOBL for me?

Yes, absolutely! At WOBL we understand that realtors services don’t generally come with a discount therefore, you are exempt from having an offer with your listings. Feel free to purchase any basic, exposure, or premium memberships and promote your existing listings! You can include up to five pictures on every listing.

How many pictures can I publish with an offer?

With each listing you must publish at least one picture with a maximum of five.

I'm a charity am I exempt from having an offer?

Yes! At WOBL we love charity organizations! We have specifically curated a package for charities. Simply purchase a charity membership and promote your organization, event, or anything else relevant to your charity!

How do I advertise my business on WOBL?

First you will need to purchase a membership. After you’ve purchased your membership you will receive a confirmation email asking you to set up your store/vendor profile. Once you’ve created/updated your store with appropriate information we will then review your membership to make sure it falls within the WOBL standards. In the mean time feel free to add all your listings therefore when you are verified your offers are listed automatically. *Please note memberships can take up to 48 business hours for approval.