Why WOBL – We Only Buy Local?

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We love supporting great local Manitoba-based businesses!

What is WOBL – We Only Buy Local?

WOBL – We Only Buy Local is a marketplace built by Manitobans for Manitobans. WOBL is a truly inclusive marketplace fo any local Manitoban business. It does not matter whether you’re product or serviced-based. Anyone can promote on WOBL as long as they are Manitoba founded, owned, and operated.

Most small and medium sized businesses face challenges with being found. WOBL is a place for you to advertise your business to a very targeted local market of Manitoba.

WOBL is created as a medium for the everyday consumer to do business with truly local businesses. WOBL does not take any commission for any of your sales. We want to see you succeed and retain your profits!



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Showing Your Offers To Local Consumers

WOBL has an experienced team of local marketers using the latest trends and techniques to ensure we are driving targeted traffic to our website and all of our social media campaigns.