Revolutionary Disks

The innovative design includes seven rotating disks with mechanical feedback that allows intuitive manipulation.

Each disk has a patented mechanism to offer 180° of continuous gradual force that allows you to know how far you’ve turned the disks through feeling.

Smart Scale

Get new ideas by exploring chords and patterns you know with new scales and new sounds.

All you need to do is chose a key and all the disks will play the right notes.
Press the buttons on the top of the WOBL to go up or down an octave or to change the scale and the tonic.

Smart Scale is easy, useful and liberating.

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Plug and Play

MIDI controller powered and connected via USB.

Tech Specs

Works with any MIDI compatible softwares.

  • Hardware:
    • 7 WOBL Disks
    • 8 Control Buttons
    • USB Input Connector
    • Leather Handle
  • Dimensions: 267mm x 168mm
  • Protocol: USB MIDI
  • Software: Runs on Mac OS and Windows