A MIDI controller, with the soul of a music instrument.
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A new way of playing music.

WOBL is a unique USB and Bluetooth MIDI Controller that lets you play with expressive gestures to make the most of your music and your live performances.


Play with expressive gestures

Always on tune

Plug and Play

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Honestly, I find the WOBL is a really cool instrument, very smart and I'm certain many artists would be interested by this approach!

Pascal Lamarche Sound Designer at EA Mobile

I find the WOBL really cool […] I really liked the effects and ajdustments that we can do. Especially with the "Custom" notes, we can create all types of atmospheres pretty easily, and I think that's a strength of the WOBL. […] It's really cool using as a bass or a pad and with distortions it works really well.

William Bourassa-Bennett Studies Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music


WOBL will soon be available on Kickstarter.